Reality Check Coverage: Allison Fett Reveals the Contents of the Life-Changing Jar

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The financial performance is four times better in organizations with fully engaged employees/team members and these fully engaged employees/team members are 87% less likely to quit. This is why engagement matters, said AVP Talent Development for Verve a Credit Union Allison Fett as she closed out the Reality Check conference on Wednesday.

Allison Fett drives home the importance of engagement in your organization.

Fett spent time discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which suggests that all humans have a desire to reach their full potential, yet only 15% of people do so. She then introduced the “Life-Changing Jar", the contents of which symbolize steps to take and words to live by in order to keep your team members engaged and your credit union productive. The jar is a tool designed to bridge this gap of potential. It represents basic concepts; however, they require intentional practice. When these concepts become habitual, Fett explained, basic human needs are satisfied, inspiring individuals to take the next step toward reaching their full potential. The closer people are to reaching their full potential, the more engaged they become.

Although these concepts at common sense, they are not common practice!

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