AI and Financial Records Access on Today’s BCFP Advisory Councils Agenda

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s (BCFP) advisory councils, including the Credit Union Advisory Council (CUAC), will hold a public meeting today from 1:00-3:45 p.m. to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer financial services and consumer access to financial records.

Members of the public may dial-in for listen-only access.

The committees will discuss the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies within the financial services industry, and how those technologies can be used to improve member experiences and operational efficiency.

Although the BCFP’s Fall 2018 Rule-making Agenda did not include items related to consumer access to financial records, the committees will get an update from the Bureau on its progress collecting stakeholder feedback on the issue.

The Bureau announced the appointment of seven members to the council after releasing its new charter in August.