June is National Safety Month Week 2 Highlights OSHA Violations…Slips, Trips and Falls

Week 2 of the National Safety Council’s (NSC) annual National Safety Month highlights slips, trips, and falls, and with good reason. Credit unions and other businesses should be aware that violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) general requirements for fall protection continually top the list of most frequently cited standards, and falls remain one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths in both general industry and construction. In 2017 alone, there were more than 8 million preventable fall injuries. Though most people assume that falls are primarily a concern for those working at elevated heights, there are plenty of slip, trip, and fall hazards in every work setting.

Here are NSC’s ideas and resources that will help you keep employees and members safe. Use a little bit of creativity to engage workers, families and communities in safety this June. These ideas should help get you started:

  • Distribute the downloadable NSM materials*
  • Create newsletters or blog posts
  • Hold a safety trivia contest with weekly prizes
  • Make an activity out of identifying hazards where you work and live
  • Throw a safety fair, lunch 'n learn or celebratory luncheon
  • Encourage others to take the SafeAtWork pledge at nsc.org/workpledge
  • Share posts on your social media channels using #NSM
  • Provide safety training — watch for special NSM discounts or free opportunities
  • Show you care about safety by making a donation to NSC