NJCUL Hosts Annual Compliance Conference

The New Jersey Credit Union League hosted it’s 9th Annual Compliance Conference in Hightstown, NJ.  The conference was well attended with over forty credit union leaders, compliance stakeholders, speakers, and NJCUL staff.  Also, joining the conference were several Pennsylvania credit unions and Pennsylvania Credit Union Association staff.

Speaker Gaye DeCesare of CU Service Network book-ended the event, kicking off the day with valuable insight on the risks and rewards of credit unions opening membership accounts online.  DeCesare closed the day those forgotten regulations and why you can’t just ‘plug and play’.  In between, we heard from NCUA’s Supervisory Examiner, Marcus Vander Wall, and Consumer Compliance Subject Matter Examiner, Keith Olsen.  Vander Wall and Olsen shared valuable information from the agency that will help the credit unions in attendance best prepare for their exams.

Speaker, Bob Bouvier, CUNA Mutual Group, held the audience spellbound with a topic that is sadly in the news all too often these days, active shooter in the workplace.  Bouvier provided a fascinating presentation that covered Active Shooter situations.  He covered the initial awareness of an incident, options available, notification of and reaction to first responders and post event. In addition, he discussed possible warning signs that may assist in minimizing the potential for such an event.

Jim Bray of Redstone Consulting Group, discussed the process changes in preparing for the NCUA ACET IT Audit compared to the GLBA Self-Assessment and the importance of having an IT Auditing firm or Cyber Security firm preform an in-depth assessment of your credit union’s information security controls across all departments and how NCUA Examiners utilize the IT Auditing firms assessment report in the examination. We will also discuss the benefits of being proactive in developing remediation plans for NCUA Document of Resolution (DOR).

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