Final Rule Fidelity Bonds [Parts 704, 713]

The Board adopted a final rule on fidelity bonds under Part 704 for corporate credit unions and Part 713 for natural person credit unions. Specifically, the final rule:

  • Strengthens a board of directors’ oversight of a FICU’s fidelity bond coverage;
  • Ensures an adequate period to discover and file fidelity bond claims following a FICU’s liquidation;
  • Codifies a 2017 legal opinion that permits a natural person credit union’s fidelity bond to include coverage for certain CUSOs; and
  • Addresses Board approval of bond forms.

The final rule includes the following changes from the proposed rule aimed at reducing regulatory burden:

  • Does not require a credit union’s supervisory committee to review its fidelity bond renewal;
  • Reduced the mandatory discovery period from two years to one year following a credit union’s involuntary liquidation; and
  • Provides increased flexibility to the provision that sunsets Board approval of fidelity bond forms.

The final rule will be effective 90 days following publication in the Federal Register.

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