Registration Open for NJCUL’s Cybersecurity Workshop

Registration is open for the NJCUL’s Compliance Center’s Cybersecurity Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, September 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Participation is available in person or via Zoom.

 With the latest Capital One data breach in the news, affecting millions, it’s clear cyberattacks have become a part of the fabric of consumers financial lives.  What that means, in today’s high-tech environment is that credit unions can no longer not to be proactive.  Credit unions need to clearly demonstrate that they're properly safeguarding their members' information, just as well as their banking counterparts.

Despite their smaller size and tighter margins compared to banks, credit unions still face the same data and malware threats and require the same high level of security.  So, join us September 10 for NJCUL’s Cybersecurity Workshop to learn from a variety of cybersecurity experts, including NCUA, who will share the regulatory compliance expectations for implementing your credit union’s cyber safety plan.

As a bonus, the NJCUL’s Compliance Center partner, Redstone Consulting Group, will demonstrate their automated cybersecurity toolbox collaboration portal that is the answer to a credit union’s goal of being prepared for their Cybersecurity Examination by NCUA.  Last year, the agency, began applying its new ACET toolbox examination process to first, credit unions over $1 million, and as of 2019, credit unions over $300 million.  By next year they will be examining credit unions, for cybersecurity, of every asset size.

Workshop attendees can gain access to a free trial period of the ACET Collaboration Portal by contacting NJCUL’s Nicola Foggie at  And, click here for detailed information about the Portal and Redstone Consulting Group.