Hood Outlines Priorities to AACUC: Inclusion, Innovation, and Modern Regulation

 Last week, NCUA Board Chairman Rodney E. Hood spoke to attendees at the AACUC conference hosted in Charlotte, NC. Hood said, America is going through an unprecedented demographic transition, said today, and credit unions have a chance to show leadership as the financial industry responds to that transition.

“This is a time of seismic change,” Hood said, “and that dynamic creates both challenges and opportunities. I consider financial inclusion to be the civil rights issue of our time. For too long, too many people have been overlooked or locked out of the financial system. Lack of access holds working families back from climbing the financial ladder.

“I believe credit union are better-positioned than any other player in the financial sector to make a big difference when it comes to diversity and inclusion; because those are a fundamental part of our industry’s history,” he said.

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