Need Audit Help? NJCUL Audits and Assessments are Available!

The New Jersey Credit Union League offers audits, powered by AffirmX. NJCUL is proud to offer our credit unions a full suite of audit and assessment solutions designed to help your credit union reduce workloads, anxieties, and costs associated with compliance.

Compliance Center                             

NJCUL partners with AffirmX to assist us in providing top-notch audits and assessments to our credit union members. AffirmX combines patented technology and experienced analysts to help financial institutions stay on top of consumer regulatory compliance requirements. AffirmX leverages the latest in cloud-based technology to connect you with a team of experts to deliver a robust compliance solution.

As regulatory agencies ramp up virtual examinations of credit unions, by assembling management consultants, former regulatory examiners, attorneys, IT professionals, industry CEOs and audit specialists, AffirmX is revolutionizing our approach to the most time-consuming part of auditing: the searching for potential issues.

Through a significant investment in technology and the development of a new audit paradigm, AffirmX cuts through the busy work of finding and interpreting information that must be acted upon. AffirmX presents credit unions with only relevant and timely information you need to act upon right now. This means much less searching and much more doing, and through the use of technology.

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