Operation Pork Roll: Garden Savings Launches Quirky New Branding Campaign

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – Garden Savings Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey with branches in Dover, Newark and Maplewood, recently launched a quirky new branding campaign throughout Morris and Essex Counties in New Jersey.  The campaign, designed to increase overall brand awareness while casually marketing other products indirectly, strikes a chord that resounds to many New Jerseyans … food!  With ads ranging from pork roll, to late night diner stops, disco fries and Jersey tomatoes, Garden Savings opted for a look that was very different than many banking ads.

“When the ad agency I use, Prager Creative, first pitched this concept to me I paused for about five seconds because it was very different but then I laughed and shook my head and said I absolutely love it!,”  said Michael Powers, Vice President of Marketing and Lending for the Credit Union.  “Let’s face it … banking ads can be boring but food ads?  Who doesn’t stop to look at those?  So catch the consumer visually with what looks delicious and hits home on New Jersey familiarity.  Get them to read the ads, which are running on billboards and buses throughout our markets, and then get them to read about the credit union difference.  Free ATMs, free checking, low loan rates and more.  Catch their eye then deliver the message.  There’s no rule that says your visual has to match up precisely with what you’re marketing.”

Garden Savings is hopeful that the ads will attract people to their web site, generate phone calls and eventually lead to new accounts and new loans.  As for the age old question of whether it’s really Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?  “Well I live in central Jersey where it’s definitely pork roll,” said Powers.  “But I work in Parsippany where it’s absolutely Taylor Ham.  So let’s just say the latter is actually a brand name so it made my decision easy!”