Shore News Today Highlights Fernwood Middle School Reality Fair

EGG HARBOR, N.J. – A recent Shore News Today article titled “Egg Harbor Township Middle Schoolers Get Dose of Reality at Financial Literacy Fair” highlighted the event held at the school on Friday, June 2nd.

The event, hosted by the Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union, allowed students to choose a career, receive a salary and pretend to go through life, stopping by booths to purchase cars, rent homes, finance furniture with the goal of making good choices that left them with some money in their pockets, Shore News Today explained.

Durwin Ho, 14, was interviewed for the story; he was a medical scientist, making an annual salary of $84,000, a wage he had to stretch to cover all of his simulated living expenses, a process he said was not easy to conceptualize at first.

"In the beginning I wasn't sure I would have much money to start with, but I started with about $4,000," Ho told Shore News Today. "After the first few months of expenses, I was in a pretty good position."