"Once Upon a Cure"... Local Relay for Life Walk Raises Over $200 in Donations

DEEPWATER, N.J. - Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union helped raise over $200 in proceeds at the local Relay for Life walk on Saturday.

14 employees and board members took turns manning the team tent at the event and walked the track throughout the day.

The event began at 12 P.M. and ended around midnight on Saturday.

The theme of the event was "Once Upon a Cure". Each tent was decorated based on a fairy tale story or Disney princess.

Renee Levin of Deepwater Industries Credit Union says, "We chose the movie Frozen as our theme and had shirts made up that said, 'Don't just Let it Go! Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.' Our tent was decorated to match our theme! We sold Freeze Pops and raffled six different baskets off (four were donated from local businesses) to help raise money for Relay for Life."