Liberty Savings FCU Partners with Resilient JC for Disaster Recovery Planning

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – In the wake of such recent natural disasters as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria and the terrorist events of recent years, recovery planning and resilience for cities is becoming an even more vital topic for community discussion. Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union, under the guidance of its newly-appointed CEO, Maria Solorzano, recognized this and seized the opportunity to partner with Resilient JC in their endeavors for Jersey City in Hudson County.

Pictured left to right: Vice President of Resilient JC Dr. Alexander Mirescu, President/CEO of Liberty Savings FCU Maria Solorzano, Marketing/Business Development Officer at Liberty Savings FCU Karen Velasquez, and President of Resilient JC Simon Pereira Shorey.

Resilient JC is under the direction of Simon Pereira Shorey, President, and Dr. Alexander Mirescu, Vice President. The not-for-profit NJ-based Corporation aims to support and augment disaster preparedness, response, and relief initiatives for Jersey City, New Jersey. Mark Rowan, who for many years has served as a Supervisory Committee to the Liberty Savings FCU Board, initially made the introduction with the belief that the credit union’s philosophy of serving the community walked hand-in-hand with Resilient JC’s mission to better prepare Jersey City to become a resilient and strong population. Solorzano and her Board could not have agreed more.

“One of the goals of Liberty Savings within the community is to position ourselves as a complete resource to the members and families we serve. This has and always will be what makes credit unions unique among financial institutions: our support of the community as a whole, not simply in financial aspects,” stated Maria Solorzano. “This is why Mark’s proposal to lend our support to Resilient JC made complete sense to us.”

Simon Pereira Shorey, President of Resilient JC, said, “We are deeply honored by this partnership with Liberty Savings. All aspects of the Jersey City community are becoming aware that growth and prosperity needs to be built on resilient foundations, and Liberty Savings is once again demonstrating its commitment to the people of Jersey City through leadership in this important area.”

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