Credit Union of New Jersey Announces New Brand Strategy

EWING, N.J. — Credit Union of New Jersey announced the introduction of their new brand and more focused positioning strategy. The new brand officially launched on August 15, 2018.

“Credit Union of New Jersey has had a rich history—one in which we’ve grown from serving just one core group (New Jersey Department of Transportation employees) to all State of New Jersey Employees, hundreds of employee groups and most counties and municipalities under the State of New Jersey Local Government Merit System,” says Andrew L. Jaeger, President & CEO, Credit Union of New Jersey. “As we’ve expanded our field of membership and the products and services we offer, it became evident that our existing brand no longer accurately represented the dynamic, forward-thinking financial institution we’ve become.”

As part of the new branding strategy, the credit union has introduced a new design language, color palette, logo and brand positioning statement, “The Freedom to Prosper.”

“Our new logo communicates to members and prospects alike that Credit Union of New Jersey is the place to go when you need guidance and the freedom to soar,” explains Jaeger. “Our new brand positioning statement backs that up with the promise that our entire team at Credit Union of New Jersey is ready, willing and able to help our members plan and execute short, medium and long-term financial strategies, then help them move toward prosperity.”