Tom O’Shea Confirmed for Second Term as CULAC Trustee

The CULAC Executive Committee has confirmed state league nominations for two-year terms (2019-20) on CULAC Board of Trustees. CULAC, the Credit Union Legislative Action Council, is the CUNA-League System’s federal Political Action Committee, or PAC. Each has a seat on the Board of Trustees, which is filled by a league nominee who is then confirmed by the Executive Committee.

Tom O’Shea, president/CEO of Aspire FCU has been confirmed to serve a second term as New Jersey’s representative on the Board.

Contributions to CULAC have increased under O’Shea’s leadership. In 2018, New Jersey raised 79% of its fair-share goal, a 27% increase in total funds raised during his first year as trustee. 

The push in 2019 will be to establish payroll deduction programs in additional New Jersey credit unions. Currently, Aspire FCU, Credit Union of New Jersey, Essex County Teachers FCU and XCEL FCU, as well as the NJCUL, have payroll deduction plans in place.

Payroll deduction is the lifeblood of CULAC enabling it to become one of the nation’s largest PACs with notably over 35,000 donors giving less than $78 per year, or $1.50 per paycheck.