Credit Union of New Jersey donates $25K to SERV

Credit Union of New Jersey makes first of three $25,000 donations for local technology center.

Credit Union of New Jersey recently donated $25,000 to SERV Behavioral Health System. The inaugural donation is set to recur for the next two years, totaling $75,000 to support the upcoming state-of-the-art SERV Technology Center.

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Andrew L. Jaeger, left, president/CEO of the Credit Union of New Jersey and chairman of the CU of NJ Foundation Board of Directors, presents a check for $25,000 to SERV president and CEO Regina Widdows for SERV’s new Technology Center to be built in Lawrenceville. At right is Gary K. Chizmadia, chairman of the CU of NJ Board of Directors. Photo Courtesy of Community News.

With up to 50 working computer stations, the SERV Technology Center aims to improve technological and financial literacy in both their company and their consumers. Additional resources at the Technology Center include a SERV store and hands-on staff.

“We are extremely grateful for this extraordinary gift from the Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation,” Regina Widdows, president/CEO of SERV Behavioral Health System, said in a statement.

“We recognized a strong need to provide our consumers as well as our staff with technology training,” Widdows continued. “The new state-of-the art Technology Center will enable our consumers to learn how to do online searches for additional information about wellness, nutrition and job opportunities, as well as gain online banking and financial management skills, leading them toward more independent living. In addition, our staff will be able to enhance their professional development by using the tools available at the Technology Center.”

The center is currently being designed for a location in Mercer County. Andrew L. Jaeger, CCE, President and CEO of Credit Union of New Jersey shares Widdows’ excitement.

“The self-confidence and self-reliance the SERV Technology Center will develop in its participants is a mission we fully support,” Jaeger said in a statement. “In fact, the mission of Credit Union of New Jersey is to give our members the freedom to prosper. And that’s exactly what the SERV Technology Center will do.”