Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union Makes a $500 Donation to FACES 4 Autism

Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union’s Social Action Committee coordinated a candy sale that took place January, February, and March of 2019  to raise money for FACES 4 Autism in Northfield. All five branches were involved in this great fundraiser, and after it was all said and done, a $500 check was donated to this amazing local organization. FACES 4 Autism supports children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum and those who love them.

They provide autism education and resources to families and educators in the community. They are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the spectrum through social opportunities and programs that will foster self advocacy, independence, and dignity. Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union is proud to support an organization whose main core value is cultivating the quality of lives in our community.


Pictured Left to Right: Hayden Leidy, Jersey Shore FCU Social Action Team: Jeannie Straub, Lori Steffus, Brandon Favro and Amanda Shiko; Ken Mosca, Kyle Mosca, Lydia Leidy, Isabelle Mosca and Madelaine Leidy. Photo Courtesy of Jersey Shore FCU.