United Teletech Financial FCU President/CEO Leo Ardine Featured on Latest CUInsight Experience Podcast

Episode 21 of The CUInsight Experience podcast features a conversation with United Teletech Financial FCU President/CEO, NJCUL Board member, and graduate of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Leo Ardine. Ardine—also a coach, instructor, speaker, and facilitator—talks with host Randy Smith, co-founder and publisher of CUInsight.com, about meditation, emotional intelligence, and more.

They start things off by chatting about meditation. Ardine was trying to figure it out, he explains, when he learned that Google hacked meditation to figure out what happens to the brain when people meditate. By combining this with emotional intelligence, he explains, we can become better people. This is what held him to study at Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

Speaking of emotional intelligence, they dig into the topic: both why it’s so important (personally and professionally), and whether it’s something you’re born with or can develop. Ardine offers advice on how to get started in meditation, even if you struggle with sitting still, can’t calm your mind, or feel like you’re just generally bad at meditating.

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Leo Ardine The CUInsight Experience