Annual Convention Breakout Sessions Inspire New Ideas, Understanding

On the full day of our 85th Annual Convention, we had some great breakout sessions where attendees gained new ideas, broadened their knowledge, and expanded their understanding of current trends.

In the Solutions Theatre, Murray Halperin of njBIZloan Connection helped credit unions prepare for the future of lending using a FinTech approach. JMFA’s Jim Griffis also presented in the Solutions Theatre. His presentation discussed overdrafts and how they fit in today’s service culture.

On the compliance side, Thomas Hunt and Christopher Lopes from the NJ Division of Banking and Insurance with Marcus Vanderal and Terry Adam from NCUA provided updates on the latest regulatory news and changes. Adam and Vanderwall presented again later in the day on NCUA hot topics. Nicole Haverly presented one session about leveraging CECL data for other purposes and led another session focused on auto loan demand. Rayleen Piernie rounded out the day with a session all about ACH disputes and how to handle them.

Jill Nowacki, Glenn Grau, Peter Sullivan, and Rich Jones covered executive planning and general trends. Nowacki led a one-hour conversation to help leaders understand how to build organizations that attract a wider pool of talent that advance innovative thinking and drive better bottom-line results. Grau offered creative and innovative solutions to common challenges like branding and inefficient retail space. Sullivan discussed executive benefits and explained how they impact searches for new executives. Jones took attendees on a journey through a strategic plan and taught them how to break the cycle of getting caught up in the day-to-day activities and start transforming strategic thinking into a strategic plan.