Announcing the Virtual Credit Union Ambassador Contest

A virtual contest will be held for individuals whose credit union is in a region with an inactive chapter or which does not a hold a Credit Union Ambassador Contest. Each contestant must submit a three-minute pre-recorded speech as a video link (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), along with a signed form with supervisor approval. The contestants may introduce themselves briefly before starting their speech. The timer will start when the speech begins. The video link and form may be sent to Jessilyn Kumpf.

Contestants must be in the 21-30 age range, and work or belong to a credit union who is a member of the Association.

One winner will be selected from the virtual entries by an independent panel of judges. The winner will move on to the statewide contest, held at the Association’s annual convention in May.

For the full list of rules and regulations regarding the virtual contest, click here. Questions? Contact Jessilyn Kumpf at 717-839-2250.