Visions FCU Contributes $5,000 Grant to Help Students with Behavior Issues

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Visions Federal Credit Union and their “Visions Loves Teachers Classroom Program” recently contributed a $5,000 grant to Benedict A. Cucinella School’s “Seeing is Believing” program. This program teaches students positive behavior changes across all areas of childhood development.

The grant will help buy iPads for the school’s "Seeing is Believing" program. The program focuses on teaching students who struggle with social skills to understand non-verbal communication in body language and gives them the patience to engage others and improve their skills. Students can watch themselves doing activities successfully through a visual model and receive strong visual feedback and evidence that they can achieve their goals.

“I'm more than thrilled,'' said Benedict A. Cucinella School teacher Denis Scairpon. “I've found that many kids learn through pictures. I want to show them a picture of themselves performing a skill on a slightly higher level than what they are doing.''

The mobility of the iPads allow students to receive the instruction in the specific location like a playground, hallway, or cafeteria where it needs to be delivered and generalization of skills can occur naturally. The students can eventually move beyond the school environment and use their re-enforced social skills out in the community.

“We have been doing this a couple of years with one iPad,'' Scairpone said. “It has been successful. Now, we can get the necessary iPads to get out and identify children. We are teaching 20 children right now but I expect it to get bigger. We will update our baseline data, map out what we videotape, and begin to tape footage and edit out behaviors we don't want them to see.''

The $5,000 grant was the largest given by the Visions Federal Credit Union which committed $10,000 to 13 schools in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.