When it Rains, it Pours: Expanded Paid Family Leave is Up Today
in Political & Legislative
By: Chris Abeel, Vice President, Corporate & Governmental Affairs

When Gov. Murphy was campaigning for office last year he pledged to support a number of workplace “reforms” that had been thwarted during the eight years of the Christie Administration. We’ve already seen two become law: pay equity, and a paid sick leave mandate.

The next two on deck are a prohibition against asking a job applicant about their salary history, and expansion of the state’s paid family leave law. Both are scheduled for committee consideration Thursday, May 10 – today - and, as I write, the paid family leave bill hasn’t even been officially introduced.

Swift enactment of both is nothing short of a fait accompli.

NJCUL has been essentially neutral on the salary history issue. On the paid family leave expansion, we argued for a small employer exemption last time around and have re-communicated our position this week, to no avail, I might add.

The fact is, as the saying goes, not only is there “a new Sheriff in town,” but one party controls the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. New Jersey employers are going to find themselves facing a variety of new workplace mandates, with little ability to affect the outcome.