One Step Closer to Bringing Electronic Lien and Titling to New Jersey
in Political & Legislative
By: Chris Abeel, NJCUL Vice President, Corporate and Governmental Affairs

Almost everything we do today—from paying for a cup of coffee to hailing a “cab” to booking a flight or hotel—has gone digital. These processes are quick and simple. No paperwork, no paper receipts—or statements even.

Now think about the processes you experience at places like Motor Vehicle, which have—arguably—gotten more streamlined in the last few years here in New Jersey. You can now renew your registration, change your address, etc., online.

One area that could use a little help (among many, I’m sure) that would benefit both consumers and credit unions is an electronic lien and titling system, also known as ELT.

Think about how much time and paperwork would be saved if we could make this process electronic, just like almost everything we now do online.

ELT benefits credit unions because it allows us to avoid the cost and time associated with paper liens and titles: filing, handling, mailing, and, perhaps most cumbersome, going physically to MVC offices with batches of paper forms to be processed. ELT benefits the state, and all of us, by reducing fraud, and it can be implemented at no extra cost to the state. As important, ELT benefits consumers who will no longer have to worry about lost titles or delays in issuing a title or releasing a lien.

We’ve been working for several years now both on the administrative and legislative levels to bring ELT to fruition here in New Jersey.

Legislation (A1943) introduced at our request to mandate establishment of an ELT system for New Jersey motor vehicles passed the Assembly Transportation Committee last week. A companion bill (S2968) is being introduced in the state Senate, and we recently met with policy staffers in the Governor’s Office. 

Healthcare Employees FCU President/CEO John Dawidowski joined me and our lobbyist, Carol Katz, at last week’s Assembly committee meeting so we could file a statement of support and be there to answer any questions. The measure passed easily, with only one committee member voting against it, Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin (R-10) of Toms River.

The League will continue to push for ELT and we thank Assemblymen Craig Coughlin (D-19) and John Wisniewski (D-19), and Senators Joe Vitale (D-19) and Linda Greenstein (D-14), for their support and leadership on this issue.