Media, Myself, and I
in Consumer Awareness & Advocacy
By: Marissa Anema, NJCUL Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Think back to the early hours of the day when you were just waking up. What is the first thing you see? The first thing you come into contact with?

Your significant other? Your pet? Your kids? Your alarm clock? Your phone? Alexa, Echo, or Siri?

It may be eye-opening to assess your morning routine and how those things listed above rank in order of engagement as you crack open your eyes to new day. (If you’re wondering who Alexa, Echo, or Siri is, then we need to talk.)

For me, it’s either my cat, Nola, acting as an unwelcome alarm clock, or—more often than not— it’s my phone, which is my alarm clock. It’s also my Weather Channel, my pocket schedule, my stereo (remember those?!), my rolodex (remember those, too?!), and much more.

The point is that our phones have become a HUGE part of our daily lives, and, thus, media consumption has as well. From social media to the news media, with our eyes glued to computer screens at our desks and in our hands (let’s face it, these are not “phones” they are “computers”) we’re consuming hours upon hours of media a day.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Consider this: As of June 2016, it was found that U.S. adults consume an entire hour more of media per day than they did in 2015. That’s a daily total of 10 hours, 39 minutes. OMG! That seems like a lot to ME…and I consume/create/analyze media for a living!

What does this all mean? (Besides the fact that we should all take a nice long vacation somewhere without Wi-Fi so we can disconnect and give our eyes and brains a well-deserved break—which I’m a big believer in, by the way.) If this is where you are, this is where consumers are. Where existing and potential members are. Don’t you want your message to be among the 10+ hours your target audience is spending consuming media? Better yet, don’t you want to STAND OUT among all that noise?

Of course you do. We all do. But how?

As is the case with most marketing conundrums, there is no magic bullet, but you can start with the very basic: being educated. Educated on the media consumption habits of different age groups and demographics, best practices for digital media creation/buys, the pros and cons (and do’s and don’ts) of the myriad of social media channels out there right now, organic vs. paid content…the list goes on.

The League has two events coming up that will hit these nails—and some nuts and bolts—on the head: a FREE “Let’s Get Social! Marketing Happy Hour” with Your Marketing Co. (sorry, folks, it’s a Webinar, and unless your desk is BYOB, we’ll all be sober for this one) on February 16th at 2 p.m., and a “Media Consumption, Best Practices and Emerging Media Technology” Marketing/Business Development Roundtable with Target Media on February 21 at 10:30 a.m.

I’ve worked with both of these firms very closely on a number of initiatives, and let me tell you, they know their stuff.

I hope you can join us for some eye-opening stats, best practices, and much more.