Cores Aren’t Just for Apples ….Let the Core Processor Experts Help You Make the Right Decision
in League Initiatives
By: Marissa Anema, NJCUL Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Core processors are aptly named. They are literally the “core” of our business, through which all “processes” take place. It’s arguably the most important piece of equipment/software we invest in.

Whether you are happy with your current core processor, don’t know if you’re happy (there’s always room for improvement, right?), want to explore other options, need an update as your old system is becoming antiquated, are completely fed up with what you have now, or just want to learn how to work better with your existing provider…it’s important to always keep your finger on the pulse of what’s out there.

….that’s not so simple. Assessing your current core, gathering peer reviews of what others are using, putting out RFPs to see what they can offer…these are big, daunting, time-consuming tasks.

But with many conversions taking two years, start to finish, you have to ask yourself…am I willing to stay with what we’ve got for another year, or two, or three? And by then, will it be too late to start the exploratory process from scratch?

That’s where we come in, your League. To help mitigate the time and effort that this process takes, we’ve put together another Core Processing workshop (our first held in March was well-received) titled “Making the Right Decision” taking place on Wednesday, October 11th at the Ramada Plaza Conference Center in Monroe Township.

The sessions will be led by experts in the field. Two—Joe Riccardo of MSS and Amber Harsin of CU Prodigy—worked for credit unions once upon a time, navigated them through core conversions successfully, and now work for core processors themselves. (Side note: Read how Joe considers core conversions “fun” on our blog. Yes, fun!) Two others—Preston Packer of FLEX CU Technology and Joe Grauwels of AMI—have worked for their core processing companies for years, and their main focus is to help CUs achieve operational efficiencies using their technology.

The only thing these folks will be selling you on is the idea that a core conversion isn’t as overwhelming as you think (that’s actually the name of Amber’s session). They will help you establish a common sense approach to core system reviews, show you how to conduct a core conversion readiness assessment, and demonstrate how the right core processor becomes part of your conversion team.

This workshop is meant to be interactive and helpful to all credit unions, no matter where they land in the spectrum of assessing/keeping/updating/dumping their core.

Come get your hands dirty, pose the questions you’ve been dying to ask, and, ultimately, get to a point where you feel more comfortable—and confidant—in the decision-making process.

Click here for more information and to register – as always, our workshops are affordably priced at just $75 per attendee.