Focusing on Young Professionals and Millennials
in League Initiatives
By: David Frankil, NJCUL President/CEO

I’m guessing that every generation has had some sort of conversation about the younger generation that goes a little something like this: We don’t understand them or their behaviors, what motivates them, how to manage them, or how to market to them.

You know, all those old sayings like… 

Kids, you can talk and talk till your face is blue
Kids, but they still just do what they want to do
Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way
What’s the matter with kids today?

The song is at the end of the clip:
(for those of you that are classic movie buffs). 

Whether the digital revolution has made the challenge of comprehending millennials more difficult than other eras is a topic for others to tackle, but we do need to address two key questions –

  1. How do we attract young professionals to credit unions as future leaders, and what is the best way to both develop their skills and motivate them?
  2. How do we need to adapt our marketing and other strategies to focus on the millennial segment of our members and prospective members?

There have been many programs designed to address both questions, with varying degrees of success. It is fair to say that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, and programs that seem to work in one part of the country don’t in others. 

But there is one thing that is incontrovertible – ideas we can try in New Jersey aren’t going to come from people of my generation sitting around the room and wondering “what’s the matter with kids today?”.

To that end Marissa Anema, NJCUL’s Director of Marketing – a millennial herself – is bringing together a group of young professionals at the Annual Convention to discuss these topics as a first step towards developing solutions.

The session, which we’ve named an Impact Session, is on Sunday October 16, at 2 PM, before the main Annual Convention starts, and there is no registration fee for any of your young professionals to participate.  Not only will it be a great experience from a professional development perspective, but we’re trying to get as broad a group as possible - so if you have young professionals please consider sending them to Atlantic City on Sunday to start the dialogue. 

The first meeting of its kind for young professionals in the New Jersey credit union industry, this session will serve as a launch pad for what the League and its four-person Young Professionals Committee hopes will turn into a viable Young Professionals Network that can work together to share ideas and challenges as well as solutions and strategies to guide the movement here in New Jersey forward. 

For more information and to register a young professional for the Impact Session, contact Marissa Anema