Consider a Core Conversion a 'System Upgrade' and the Process Can Be...Fun?
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B: Joe Riccardo, Member Support Services (MSS) President/CEO 

In the land of financial institutions, hearing the word “conversion”, one begins to get very nervous. I am sure there have been a fair share of stories around how difficult and stressful they can be and just simply, not fun. Well, I happen to have a different opinion.

Firstly, I always refer to a change in technology as an “upgrade." In this case, a core system technology upgrade.

Secondly, I have found throughout my career in working on system upgrades that they can be fun. Yes, fun! I can still hear the voice of a former colleague as she made a statement to me prior to one of the projects she was leading. She stated, and I quote, “There is nothing like the rush you get in the early morning hours prior to cutting over to the new technology.” Are we different or do we just take a whole different approach to the event? If you guessed the latter, you are correct! We take a whole different approach, and it’s evident in my colleague’s view point. Exciting!

I will not deny the fact that system upgrades are challenging and require a great deal of time, commitment and work, over and above your normal role at the credit union. They are; but, if you are prepared, it can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding events in your career.

The New Jersey Credit Union League is hosting workshops that give you the opportunity to learn and understand the framework around planning and managing such an event on your own. If a technology change and upgrade is being considered by your credit union, I know you will benefit greatly by attending the upcoming Core Processing Workshop.

Click here to learn more about the Core Processing Workshop: How to Make the Right Decision being held on October 11th at the Ramada Plaza Conference Center. I'll see you there!