Check Your Credit Union's Vital Signs
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By: This blog article was a collaboration between Barbara Agin, NJCUL VP, Member Experience & Education, and Dr. Randy Thompson, TCT Risk Solutions Founder/CEO

We’ve all had our vital signs taken at the doctor’s office. They typically assess our blood pressure, temperature, weight, cholesterol, etc. These signs give our doctor a good indicator on our overall health and alert him or her to areas that may need intervention.

Credit unions have vital signs, too. Equity, loan to share, yields, and net fee subsidies are examples of financial health indicators. It’s critical to know if your vital signs fall in the healthy range. Without the right tools, it’s easy to focus on a vital sign that is healthy and overlook another that needs attention.

We want your credit union to have optimal health. That's why the League began providing Custom Performance Reports (CPRs) to member credit unions quarterly. It is a vital signs tool!

Drawn from NCUA Call Report data, the quarterly reports help credit unions compare current results against past results, planning or regulatory goals, and peer groups.

As is true with all data, these snapshots of your credit union's health are only valuable if used correctly.

To help its member credit unions get the most out of this important and extensive data, the League is hosting a series of quarterly webinars beginning in March, led by Dr. Randy Thompson of TCT Risk Solutions.

Who should attend these webinars? Anyone and everyone who is interested in the health of their credit union.

Dates and topics are listed below: 

Mar. 7: Industry & Peer Group Analysis: trends, peer group descriptions and ratios, growth trends and earnings

Jun. 6: Earnings: Net income/ROAA, loans, and shares

Sep. 5: Expenses & Capital: 
Operating expenses, fee & other income sources, capital analysis & liquidity trends

Dec. 5: Overall Performance: Productivity measures, investment performance, along with net interest margin overview and 5-year balance sheet analysis

To find out more and to register, click here.