Why Should You Attend the Core Processing Solutions Forum? Hear from a Peer:
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From a credit union point of view, our examiners have often asked, “How do you know your software is the best for your credit union, cost and service?” In other words...have you done your due diligence when it comes to your core?

I  have often  relied on the NJCUL Convention  to gather this information and to present it to our board without prejudice. However, in this day of immediate access, vendors are no longer providing handouts, they want conversations.

And, often we become complacent with our existing system. We are comfortable. We have used it forever. But we should be open to new ideas, change, and software that will do more for us so we can do more for our members.

The League's Core Processing Solutions Forum on April 5th will provide the needed information and that due diligence. It will allow for that initial conversation with a vendor. 

-Linden NJ Police and Firemen’s FCU