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CUcontent, a sponsor of the League’s May 7th Marketing Conference, is all about making you popular. In its ongoing mission to increase the success of your marketing, CUcontent is always looking at statistics and news bytes that are relevant to the marketing world. Recently, they’ve taken a good look at data from the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report from MarketingProfs. The report is based on data from surveys of 299 B2C marketers, and the findings are quite revealing. CUcontent shares some of the report results in its latest blog post “B2C Benchmark Report.”

Do content marketers feel more successful than they did in 2017?
You already know that content marketers have difficult work—but do they feel like they are accomplishing enough?

Well, 55% of B2C marketers surveyed say their content marketing efforts are somewhat more successful compared with a year ago, but just 19% say their efforts are much more successful.  Success rates haven’t changed much over the past year for the remaining 23%.

How are marketers distributing content?
Social media takes first place among the methods that B2C marketers are using to get their content out to target audiences.

Videos and blogs are in; print media is out.

Does commitment = success?
Hard work pays off: B2C marketers who claim their organizations are extremely committed to content marketing report a higher level of content marketing success when compared to their less-committed peers. Committed content marketers also claim to have reached targeted goals, including building customer loyalty and educating their targeted audiences.

Of the B2C marketers surveyed, only 41% claim to work with a documented content marketing strategy. An additional 33% have an undocumented strategy, while 22% have no strategy but plan to create and implement one this year.

Are most B2C marketers experts at using popular content marketing technology?
Of the surveyed marketers, 40% rate themselves as intermediate users of content marketing technology, while 23% say they are novices, 19% consider themselves advanced users, 9% claim to be experts and 8% rate themselves beginners.

How do B2C marketers research their target audience?
You need to know your audience to reach them. When surveyed, here’s where B2C marketers get their information on their audience:

70% — Social media listening

69% — Website analytics

64% — Keyword research

53% — Database analysis

49% — Primary research

47% — Sales team feedback

40% — Secondary research

37% — Customer conversation/Panels

Budgets and spending
Of the surveyed marketers whose organizations have increased content marketing spending in the last 12 months, the following areas saw spending leaps:

Content creation costs: 56% increase

Paid content distribution: 37% increase

Content marketing staff costs: 34% increase

Content marketing technology spending: 34% increase

Content marketing outsourcing: 23% increase

Are content marketers achieving their goals?
The overwhelming answer to that loaded question is yes! 79% of surveyed B2C content marketers have succeeded in creating brand awareness through their marketing efforts in 2018, 67% have built credibility and trust, 65% have educated their audience, 63% have built loyalty with existing customers, 57% have generated leads, 52% have generated sales, 45% have built a subscribed audience, 42% have nurtured subscribers, 40% have supported the launch of a new product and 33% have driven attendance at live events.

Content marketers, give yourself a standing ovation! You work tirelessly to meet your credit union’s content needs and you are doing an outstanding job!

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