The Birds and the Bees of Marketing: Where Does Great Marketing Come From?
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By: Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co President/Founder/CEO

So, where does great marketing come from? It begins with experts who understand the mission and vision of their organization. But rather than trying to convey that vision on their own, the experts collaborate with their team to accomplish the goals set forth in a strategic plan. When it all works properly, the end result is a product or service that makes a difference in the world. Great marketing is a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.Great marketing is a subjective concept. Some people would tell you it refers to creative ads with clean design while others might use the term to describe a clever campaign with a catchy tagline. To me, great marketing is communication that moves people to take action, action that ultimately results in the achievement of your organizational goals. In short, great marketing connects people with your brand while inspiring action and creating relationships in the process.

Too many marketing campaigns focus solely on commodity messaging (“We have checking accounts.”) instead of communicating a solution for a specific need or problem. With this short-sighted approach, incentives are launched (“Get $100 cash back with every auto loan!”)  without understanding the auto loan’s true cost of acquisition, and promotional material is created based on marketing ideas “borrowed” from other credit unions. Rather than putting a fresh spin on someone else’s idea, great marketing addresses the individual needs of your credit union’s ideal member.

If you’re responsible for growing loans and membership at your credit union, we want to help you achieve those goals. Our success hinges on your success, so we’re ready to dig in, work together, and help you craft a strategic marketing plan that provides measurable benchmarks and stays within your budget. By working with us, you’ll learn how to develop well-defined goals, crystal-clear messaging, strategic action steps, and effective communication methods. And that is what great marketing is made of!

Hear from Bo and Your Marketing Co Digital Director Marne Franklin at the League's 2018 Marketing Conference on May 8th. Bo will lead a session on "Being Strategic About Marketing" and Marne will share her digital expertise during her sessions titled "Making Your Member Experience Better on Digital Channels". More information and registration is available here.