Numbers Don’t Lie: How to Use Your CUs’ Data to Reach Members and Potential Members
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By: Barbara Agin, NJCUL VP, Member Experience & Education

I recently attended an outstanding workshop facilitated by Michel Neill of Michael Neill and Associates titled, “Creating a Competitive Advantage through Member Experience”. Among the many themes shared throughout the day was “employee engagement.” Michael talked about mission, vision, standards, and more. With a member-driven focus, how much more successful would your credit union be if all your employees understood credit union financials and how their actions each day impacted the bottom line? Am I suggesting that your teller line become mini-CFOs? Certainly not; however, a strategic focus shared by all employees would be the ultimate engagement…

The Custom Performance Report (CPR) is a tool provided quarterly to NJCUL members as a FREE benefit of membership. This tool allows you to view your credit union’s vital signs, such as equity, loan to share ratio, yields, and net fee subsidies…examples of financial health indicators.

NJCUL has partnered with Dr. Randy Thompson from TCT Risk Solutions to deliver quarterly webinars that delve into the content found on the CPR. The first webinar was held live on March 7th and is available as a recorded session.

Who is the target audience for this content? Board members, non-financial staff, etc. Recently, though, a marketing guru, Tom Quigley, Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer for XCEL FCU, purchased the CPR Webinar Series.

In my recent conversation with Tom, he shared that the credit union holds monthly management meetings and felt that the CPR Webinar Series was a valuable tool to be included in their ongoing meetings. This is an excellent use of the series. It is also a great education piece for directors.

The series is priced at just $199, which makes it an affordable tool for all.

If you have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Thompson, then you know he has a talent for presenting difficult content in an easy to understand manner; perfect for non-financial folks.

Click here for more information and to purchase the series. When you register, the first recorded webinar, titled “Industry & Peer Group Analysis” is available immediately. The next live webinar will take place on June 6, 2018 and it will focus on the topic of “Earnings.”