82nd Annual Convention and Meeting Recap: Successful and Inspiring
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By: David Frankil, NJCUL President/CEO

Our Annual Meeting and Convention took place this week in Atlantic City, and it was very successful, due to the outstanding efforts of the entire team here at NJCUL, specifically including Yvette Segarra – who I am never going to let retire; she just adds too much value. Please give her and the rest of the team a virtual round of applause. 

This year was a bit different than prior years, in part because of my presentation on Monday morning. It dispensed with the usual formalities and got right down to business.

The focus was the first 100 days, and the over 100 conversations I’ve had with member and non-member CEOs, Board members, senior executives, our team, and vendors as well. The goal: to assess whether our internal perception of value matched up with what our target audience (you) needed.

Through these conversations, we discovered a value gap – what we have been offering no longer provides the compelling value you need and should expect from your League. This is not a knock on the excellent team we have here. I’ve worked through this process with any number of clients over the years, and it is not at all unusual to see people focused on doing such a great job on what is right in front of them, that they don’t perceive the market evolving gradually over time.

It’s like a ship leaving Los Angeles bound for Tokyo that is 1/10 of 1/10 of 1 degree off course – everything is fine for the first couple of hundred miles, but a few weeks later they dock in Australia instead of Japan.

In particular, we heard –

  • Solutions, information, and programs need to become more valuable by being more relevant
  • The Banking You Can Trust consumer brand awareness campaign needs a refresh

We heard that loud and clear, so for 2017 and beyond, we’re re-positioning NJCUL as your strategic partner. As you plan for the next 3-5 years of growth and productivity, NJCUL will be an essential part of accomplishing those goals by providing solutions, information and programs that:

  • Offer compelling value
  • Are directly relevant to the challenges you face everyday

And then we are also going to build on the"‘Banking You Can Trust" foundation with a fresh approach.

Let me provide you with a summary of just a few of the new initiatives for 2017:

  • Banking You Can Trust 2.0 – a new marketing program leveraging the power of story-telling to illustrate the credit union difference with:
    • Legacy Series – memorable stories of how our credit unions were founded
    • Leaders Series – personal financial advice directly from our CEOs
    • Service Series – amazing stories of extreme member service from employees with 30, 40 and 50 years of experience
  • CUJobs4Vets – a program to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce with an NJCUL-hosted jobs board, offering credit unions a strategy to gain earned media and engage with their SEGS and business members
  • CU Reality Check – starting in 2017, a collaboration between NJCUL, and the MD|DC and Pennsylvania Credit Union Associations. Thanks to the support of CUNA Mutual Group, we already have three terrific speakers booked –
    • Three-time business bestseller and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of "Think Big, Act Bigger"
    • Wharton Marketing Professor and NY Times Bestseller Jonah Berger, author of "Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior"
    • Doug Duncan, SVP/Chief Economist at Fannie Mae, and one of Bloomberg Businessweek’s 50 Most Influential People in Real Estate
    • And more to come – mark your calendars for March 20-22, 2017!
  • New, focused and hands-on one-day workshops on topics directly relevant to your success
    • Branch Transformation – Feb 7
    • Core Processing – March 7 
    • How to get in the mortgage game – April 11
    • Stepping up your mortgage game – June 13
    • Coming soon – Successful FOM expansion, Growing Loans, and potentially Fraud Prevention, IT Security, Governance, and others
  • Free customized performance reports for your credit union, with your data compared to peer groups for ready analysis
  • Free next-generation leadership development, with a joint grant application with Rutgers University providing training to NJCUL members on –
    • Human Resources Management
    • Supervisor Symposium
    • Becoming a Better Manager
    • Increasing Market Share
  • Free monthly compliance call-ins, starting in January
  • Ability to use the NJCUL compliance team for a range of audits and other compliance services without having to join the Shared Compliance Program
  • Free marketing collateral for small credit unions, courtesy of YourMarketingCo
  • A new potential energy efficiency program for business and multi-family housing, driving loan volume and with the potential for participations for small members

We have a few more new programs still under development, so more details to come.  But we’re excited to be able to offer you a new, revitalized NJCUL in 2017, and one that we know you will find more valuable and relevant.