NJCUL CEO Frankil S. 2155 Op-Ed Sent to NJ Media, Picked Up by Township Journal and Sparta Independent

NJCUL President/CEO David Frankil recently penned an op-ed urging Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Cory Booker to help New Jersey grow and support S. 2155m The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, when it comes up for a vote. The op-ed piece has been picked up by the Township Journal and Sparta Independent.

In the opinion piece, Frankil points out that local financial institutions are getting hammered by regulations designed for the far bigger firms that caused the financial meltdown. “What is needed for Bank of America or Wells Fargo has little relevance to a credit union with one or two branches, with tellers who greet their members by their first name,” he says.

S. 2155, a bipartisan bill, would allow credit unions and small banks to better serve consumers, while retaining tough protections on larger banks.

Frankil’s op-ed is part of a joint-communication effort between CUNA and states leagues through CUNA’s “Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation”.