Celeste Cook Leads Strategic Lending Roundtable

On June 20, 2018, Celeste Cook led an informative roundtable sharing strategies for increasing loans, members, loan volume and more!

A special thank you to our meeting sponsors:  cuStrategies, LLC and Teledata Communications, Inc. 

Cook stated that hope is not a strategy. Success is a team approach. It requires an Action Plan; what are we going to do to achieve the plan? Success in loan and membership growth happens when staff have the right conversations with members, to help them lower a loan payment, raise their credit store - help the member.

This roundtable was packed with key takeaways, which is why the League has made the recording available for those who may have wanted to attend live, but were unable to do so.

To register and purchase the Lending Roundtable Recording, click here.

NJCUL encourages you to explore the meeting sponsors:

Celeste C. Cook
cuStrategies LLC

TCI – Decision Lender
(Teledata Communications, Inc.)
Brendon Aleski
Regional Sales Manager