Redstone Consulting Group and New Jersey Credit Union League Partner to Improve League Members’ Readiness for Cyber Exams

Starting in 2019, all credit unions of more than $100M in assets are subject to examination using the NCUA’s expanded ACET based cybersecurity exam. Redstone Consulting Group’s (RCG) ACET Collaboration Portal helps credit unions save time and resources when preparing for the exam by organizing tasks, enabling role-based collaboration, and providing secure document storage. Through a partnership with New Jersey Credit Union League (NJCUL), The ACET Collaboration Portal is now available to members on a discounted basis and integrated with support from the NJCUL Compliance Center. Annual subscription fees are tied to a credit union’s asset base and may be as low as $2,000 per year for full functionality and unlimited users.

redstonecyberexamThe ACET Collaboration Portal provides a cloud-based platform that consolidates work into one place, enforces a tailorable workflow, enables role-based access and progress tracking, and secures the electronic storage of supporting documents via Virtual StrongBoxTM. The Portal also streamlines exam preparation with an intuitive, project-centered interface, so you know where you stand before the NCUA exam begins. The interface includes integrated progress dashboards for individuals and project owners, with historical tracking of decision process and prior year responses.

“Many of our member institutions struggle to thoroughly prepare for their NCUA examinations. Cyber security is a particularly challenging area because it impacts all aspects of operating a credit union. Expertise from many teams within the credit union must come together effectively. Meeting extensive documentation requirements adds to the complexity,” said NJCUL Senior Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Nicola Foggie. “Our team works with over 100 credit unions, and RCG’s ACET Collaboration Portal will greatly simplify exam preparation. Its built-in repository, guidance, workflow, and evidence linking capabilities makes exam prep easy for our members.”

RCG and NJCUL’s Compliance Center are already working with Aspire FCU to optimize the ACET Portal to better meet the needs of NJCUL members of all sizes. This team effort will result in a platform improved by the hands-on experience and real-world insights resulting from Aspire FCU’s experience with the portal.

“We’re pleased to be working with NJCUL and with Aspire CU to support League members as they take on the complex challenge of preparing for the new NCUA ACET cybersecurity exam,” said Steve Powers, President Redstone Consulting Group. “Partners like NJCUL help us to ensure that the ACET Collaboration Portal is the best tool in the industry for cyber exam preparation.”