NJCUL Small CU Conference Provides Growth and Protection Strategies

From strategic planning, to small credit union success stories, to preparing for cybersecurity threats, Friday's Small Credit Union Conference gave credit union leaders updates, tools, and resources to help them grow and thrive—all at no cost.

IMG 6933The interactive conference was kicked off by NJCUL President/CEO David Frankil who then turned it over to Oswego FCU CEO Bill Carhart. When Bill arrived at the credit union, they were a $19 million credit union with $14 million in loans outstanding, $17 million in deposit, 5,200 members, 7 employees, and 1 branch. Currently the credit union is $90 million in assets with $74 million in loans outstanding, $83 million in deposits, 12,000 members, 37 employees, and 4 branches. Bill shared Oswego’s methodology of growth, their use of technology and community involvement that have led to a “happily ever after.”

Robin Brunner’s interactive session, titled “Strategic Planning: 5 Steps to Your WHY” brought attendees through the process of identifying their credit union’s WHY and identified 2019 trends that could impact their growth.

Alloya Corporate FCU Assistant Vice President of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Dean Choudhri then provided a look at the current cybersecurity landscape, ransomware, financial malware, protections strategies, and more.

IMG 6935Closing out the conference with an interactive two-part session titled “Threats to Your Credit Union” Business Continuity Administrator for Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union Mark Clarke walked-through emergency procedures in a real-life incident. The table-top exercise was a great way to get response plans off the written page without the interruption of a full-scale drill. The live, simulated 90-minutes tabletop exercise divided attendees into groups and tested them a “mock” real-world disaster example to determine how their team will handle the situation and if they were prepared.

Many thanks to Premier Sponsor CUNA Mutual Group and Conference Sponsors Alloya Corporate FCU, Symbionce Financial Solutions, and Vizo Financial Corporate FCU for making this conference possible.

Additional photos are available on the League’s Facebook page.

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