Solutions Theater

2018 Convention Solutions Theater Banner

Our Business Partners and sponsors have unique solutions to overcome your challenges as well as growth and income opportunities...some of which will be highlighted at this year's Convention!

We're continuing with our popular Solutions Theater sessions, which will be taking place right in the Exhibit Hall.

Check out what you can expect from these partners below: 

Say "YES" to More Home Equity Loans While SAVING MONEY and TIME!MemberClose Logo
Sunday, October 21 - 4:45 pm

Turning away good loans simply due to a loan policy that shuts down at 80% LTV? See a live demo and learn how more than 200 credit unions, including over 20 in New Jersey, were able to generate over $75M in new loans and rely on bundled settlement solutions to more efficiently process all types of home equity loans.

Presenter: Bob Delaney, Chief Operating Officer, and Bryce Jackson, Director of Sales, MemberClose

Streamline Preparations for the NCUA Cyber Exam
Sunday, October 21 - 5:30 pmRedstoneConsulting 2017 RedCrest

Learn how new automation can simplify and improve compliance with NCUA Guidance, increase collaboration, and reduce the effort involved with preparing for the new Cyber Exam. View a live demo of the ACET Collaboration Portal and see how it simplifies the complex process of exam preparation.

Presenter: Jim Bray, Vice President of Business Development, Redstone Consulting Group

How to Open a New Account in Less Than 5 Minutes (fully verified and 100% compliant)
Monday, October 22 - 10:30 amNarmi Logo

See a live demo an online account opening platform specifically designed for credit unions. Live the member experience and learn about unique Know-Your-Member (“KYM”) and identity verification tools. Discover opportunities to not only enhance the member experience, but also gain more deposits and members.

Presenter: Nikhil Lakhanpal, Co-Founder of Narmi

Providing Member Business/Commercial Loans Without EXPERTISE or RISK
Monday, October 22 - 11:15 amnj BIZ logo

Commercial/member business lending and deposit services are booming in New Jersey. Unfortunately, most credit unions have not been able to experience this growth due to various factors such as a small membership base, lack of market size or simply cannot afford the expertise required to effectively operate a program. njBIZloan Connection, LLC removes all these objections and helps you connect, compete and collaborate. This session will concentrate on how all credit unions can take part in this booming market. Learn how your credit union can add new members, increase products per household and earn non-interest income!

Presenter: Murray Halperin, Managing Member of njBIZloan Connection, LLC